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Journal Publications
  • Sereno, M., Sood, M., Huang, R-S. Topological maps and brain computations from low to high (2022 Frontiers in System Neuroscience, paper)

  • Sood, M., Toornstra, A., Sereno, M., Boland, M., Filaretti, D. and Sood, A. A digital app to aid detection, monitoring and management of Dyslexia (DIMMAND) in young children: Project Protocol (2018 JMIR Research Protocols, paper)

  • Sood, M. & Sereno, M., Estimating the cortex-wide overlap between wordless narrative scene comprehension, reading comprehension, and topological visual, auditory, and somatomotor maps (bioRxiv pre-print)

  • Sood, M. & Sereno, M., Areas activated during naturalistic reading comprehension overlap topological visual, auditory and somatomotor maps (2016 Human Brain Mapping, pdfbioRxiv pre-print)

Peer Reviewed Conference Publications
  • Sood, M. & Cooper, R., Modelling the Supervisory System and frontal dysfunction: An architecturally grounded model of the Wisconsin Card Sorting Task in the proceedings of the 35th Annual conference of the Cognitive Science Society, pp. 1354-1359, 2013 (pdf)

  • George, M. & Wong, W.F., Windows CE for a Reconfigurable System-on-a-Chip processor in the proceedings of the International Conference on Field Programmable Technology (ICFPT), pp. 201-208, 2004 (pdf)

PhD thesis

Sood, Mariam (2016) Cognition and maps : reading and scene comprehension extensively overlap topological viusal, auditory and somatomotor maps in the human cortex. PhD thesis, Birkbeck, University of London.​ (thesis)

  • Detection, monitoring and management of developmental literacy difficulties using digital technologies (DIMMAND). Londi International Symposium on Dyslexia and Dyscalculia, Munich (May 2019)

  • Data science @ Newham. London Borough of Newham internal talk (March 2018)

  • Narrative comprehension and Multi-modal maps. National Brain Research Centre, India (August 2016)

  • Cortical reading and picture comprehension overlap sensory-motor maps. Society for Neuroscience, Chicago (October 2015)

  • Cortical language processing overlaps extensively with Sensory-motor maps. Birkbeck internal seminar (December 2014)

  • Modelling the Supervisory System and frontal dysfunction: An architecturally grounded model of the Wisconsin Card Sorting Task. Cognitive Science Society Annual Meeting, Berlin (June 2013)

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